KPI in an extra column of data table to calculate amounts in EUR with help of a second table (exchange rates)

Hi all.

I have two tabele e. g.

Table 1: latest exchange rates (in Euro)
UK: 0,8
JAP: 126
ESP: 1

Table 2: data Table with TO in country currencies:
UK; Product xy; 50 GBP
JAP; Product xy; 1000 Yen
ESP; Product xy; 500 EUR

I need an extra column with amounts in EUR in Table 2

This is only an example in the real report i have a lot of different currencies and columns.
Nice would be a connection of the two tabeles to calculate the amounts in EUR for all rows in Table 2.

Which nodes can i use? Would be great if someone could help. Regards Chris

Hi Chris87,
I assume Table 1 has only one column. You could use the Cell Splitter Node on both tables to seperate the numbers from the Letters, Join them on Country using the Joiner Node, convert the Strings to Number and in the end calculate the EUR amount with the Math Formula Node.
I prepared a workflow that does that. I hope this matches what you wanted to do. You can change the name of the columns with the Column Rename Node to whatever fits you best!
exchange rates.knwf (16.0 KB)

I hope this was helpful!

Best regards,


Hey Felix,
sorry for my late answer.

Perfect. Thank you for your great help. This was exactly what i need.

Regards Chris