KREST no more?

After waiting to get some responses from KREST authors in this forum, I went to Google CENIX.

It seems that the company behind KREST has been closed for some time - see this message on LinkedIn.

Anyone to pickup the torch and go ahead with bug fixes?



Thorsten (thor) from KNIME recently updated its KREST2 nodes in trunk, but otherwise it seems there were no recent updates from Cenix since February. As I remember during the KNIME UGM 2015 they mentioned during their talk that KNIME might start supporting the KREST nodes.

Hope this happens rather soon - for now we are stuck with bugs.

Do you have an idea how to install KREST2? Can't seem to find the required steps anywhere.

Unfortunately those are not part of the nightly build. If you want to try it, you have to check out the plugin to a a KNIME SDK workspace and from there build and start a KNIME (/eclipse) run configuration. It is not trivial, but not impossible either (though probably it is not part of the nightly build because of some annoying bugs). You can find instructions on the node developers page.

Please join my petition to revive KREST here

We don't have resources for developing the KREST nodes any further until around September. We will check if we can add some bug fixes to the existing code but then again this is a matter of man power. We are also happy to apply external bug fixes and/or contributions, it's an open source project after all.

Thanks for the prompt feedback.Glad to hear REST goes into good hands - even if only in September.
It would be great if you could fix some most urgent bugs - namely NullPointerException (see this and this posts on the matter).

I would help with this matter myself but Java is not my field of expertise...

I wanted to check in to see if any progress had been made on support for the KREST2 nodes.

My specific concern is about either being able to set custom headers or at least properly support Basic authentication.  

Looking at the POST node, the Basic authentication settings don't actually add an Authorization header to the outgoing request.  So, as far as I can tell, those settings don't actually do anything.  

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated!  I'd much rather use KREST than have to write custom java code.