Kuhlen stemmer, what is the algorithm?


I am trying to find material on the kuhlen stemmer in knime, I need to know how the algorithum works for some uni work. However I cant find much about the algorithum which, there are some german papers, but I cant read them. Can anyone help?????? Or point me to some paper that identifies the algorithum?


Hi Paul

just to have this in the Forum as well

I found this link http://www.bui.haw-hamburg.de/pers/ursula.schulz/astep/le4_step_4.html

which explains the algorithms. Maybe Kilian knows any paper about it.

Best, Iris

The original article from 1977 is German:

Rainer Kuhlen, "Experimentelle Morphologie in der Informationswissenschaft" Verlag: Dokumentation, München, 1977
I am afraid there is no English translation.
Cheers, Kilian