L1- DS Certification Badge

I recently passed the L1-DS certification exam. The badge I received did not indicate that I had completed the exam (How can someone know that I have the certification?). Please let me know whether this certificate represents the certification or if I will receive another certificate indicating that I have completed the course.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hello @Swathy_S and welcome to the KNIME Forum.
You talk about both certifications and courses, and I am not sure which one you completed. Let me clarify the two things.

When a student completes the L1 certification, we issue a badge via Credly stating that the earner has passed the L1 examination of KNIME Certification Program.

On the other hand, completing one of our self-paced courses is not sufficient for receiving a badge/certification.

I hope this helped clarify, otherwise feel free to follow up on this thread.



Hello @emilio_s,

Thanks for replying.

I have completed both certification and L1-DS course and also received the badge via Credly.
The received badge does not indicate that " I " completed the L1 examination of KNIME Certification Program. It only has Basic proficiency Knime Analytics Platform L1.


Credly badges are not limited to the “image” but are actual virtual certificates. Therefore, they have the advantage of being real-time verifiable. Anyone clicking on the Credly link of your badge will see a web page certifying that you are the owner of that badge.
Here is mine, see the banner with my name at the top of the page, together with the button “Verify badge” to check the authenticity. Notice that this page also includes more details about the certificate such as the topics related to the level.

However, if you prefer an old-fashioned printable certificate, you still have the possibility to print one. Log in to Credly and open one of your badges. Click “Share” and then “Download Certificate”.

Is this what you were looking for?
Have a nice day and, of course, congratulation on passing the L1 certification!


Thank you @emilio_s.

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