labeling of data in csv-file

Hi, I’m an absolut beginner but enthusiastic about Knime. Now I need some help to label a row section of a column in a csv-file. Do you know suitable node or way to get?

Hi @AxelatKnime and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

Would you please explain your issue a bit further? How do you want to label the rows and what section of the data set?

The best way to show what you are looking for is to provide an example input table and the desired output.


Hi, I want to label mannually the yellow marked row 101 to 448.

test.xls (394.5 KB)

mc.knwf (15.1 KB)

What is the condition to label the rows?

In the Rule Engine node you have input the condition to label the rows with “Temp. Combustion chamber [°C]” below 800. The highlighted rows in the excel file do not follow this rule.

Do you want to label the rows based on the row IDs?


You are right. Please use only the attached workflow. The other was for testing some nodes.

mc.knwf (8.7 KB)

Please uncheck “Reset workflow before export” option while exporting the workflow. Currently the workflow contains no data.

To label the rows based on the row ID you can use “ROWID” or “ROWINDEX” in the Rule Engine node.

$$ROWINDEX$$ > 101 AND $$ROWINDEX$$ < 448 => "lablel"


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Thank you for today. I’m trying it further tomorrow.