Large Scale Column Compare

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I am using the column aggregator to compare data from many different columns and it is working as I need it to. However, is there a way, maybe using another node, for it to specify what column the max data point came from.

Here is why I ask, let’s say I am comparing 100 columns to the same variable, in this case, a certain code. I would like to know what column the max data point came to from as it would not be practical to manually search for the value’s original location

i.e., for code 101, place B has the max at $x,xxx
for code 102, place C has the max at $x,xxx

Does this make sense at all?

DummyData_Comparison.xlsx (10.5 KB)

Add column filter and resorter if you need.
Rank Coluns with Codes.knwf (9.6 KB)

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Sorry for the delay… thank you for this!