Last value of delimeted string


I am new to Knime.I have a string column with Multiple Length strings and each string has a delimeter “/”. What I was looking to get the last value of each string.Please find the attached refrence

Hi @t_kurian

Use the String Manipulation node.
substr($column1$,lastIndexOfChar($column1$,'/') +1 , 1)

gr. Hans

But this gives me only the First letter of the string right?

What I was looking is t get the completete string after last delimeter. I cant pre fix a number because it may vary

Ah, yes, well then use some big number e.g. 100
substr($column1$,lastIndexOfChar($column1$,'/') +1 , 100)

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Hi @HansS,
Hi @t_kurian,

you only need the statement substr($column1$,lastIndexOfChar($column1$,’/’) +1) to do the job.



@morpheus Perfrect, It worked.

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