Latest Version of KNIME Opens a Blank Screen on MacOS Sonoma 14.0, Apple M2 MacBook Air

Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded KNIME on my MacOS, but unfortunately, I’ve been facing some issues. Upon launching the application, I noticed that my main screen appears to be empty without any nodes or workflows. Additionally, when I attempt to open example workflows like Combine Clean, Countif Sumif, none of them seem to function as expected.

I have tried to troubleshoot the problem to no avail. I am quite keen on getting to use KNIME for my data analysis projects and would really appreciate any assistance or suggestions to resolve these issues.

(Let me inform you people, 4.7.7 is working smoothly bytheway.)

Thank you in advance for your time and help!


I have the same problem in my Windows 10 pc.

I am experiencing this problem too. (Macbook pro M2) Did you solve it?

I found it!
Open knime.
Click on the i (information) icon at the top right.
Scroll down and find " Switch to classic user interface" and click it. Here:)

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