"Lenient" mode for File Reader

Hi there,

I'm currently working with some big CSV files, where a very small fraction of lines contains errors (e.g. string instead of number, which is caused by non-escaped column delimiters/missing quotes). I do not care about those ill-formed lines and would just like to skip them, unfortunately the line reader stops at such lines (e.g. "Execute failed: Wrong data format. Got '#0' for an integer. In line 20 (Row18) at column #1 ('LOC').")

Is there a setting, which I might have missed, to make the File Reader "forgiving" such errors?


The CSV reader is the most unforgiving and the file reader somewhat forgiving. However, when faced with similar problems on big GB csv/text files, the Line reader node followed by some cell spliter nodes etc work just fine for me. I then export the results as tables for future use and read them using the table reader the next time round.