Lhasa Metabolism Feature not present in KNIME 4.6 repo

Hi guys,
The Lhasa Metabolism Feature is present in KNIME 4.5 (see this link) but not 4.6 repository. Is there a reason for that?
Thanks for any clarification.

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Hi Gio

KNIME have updated their requirements for trusted contributions to include a requirement on managing libraries with known security risks.

The Lhasa metabolism plugin wraps external projects WhichCyp and SmartCyp which I believe are no longer maintained and trigger security warnings in the scanning tool. I don’t plain on forking and maintaining these projects so have unfortunately decided to deprecated the KNIME functionality. The metabolism feature is no longer available as of KNIME 4.6.



Hi Sam,
That’s a pity! Those were the only 2 metabolism-related nodes present in KNIME community repository. Anyway, thank you for the clarification!

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