Limitation in Quickform nodes


You may have the need to provide quite a detailed description of what input you need from the user in a quickform node. However, in the label box there appears to be no option to add in carriage returns.

The result of this is a very long single line dialog which proceeds off the right side of the Browser window in the WebPortal looking rather untidy, and unuseable as you cannot get access to the whole text.




Hi Simon, 

Have you tried using the text area output node?  With this you can create quite nice descriptions for each page in your quickform execution. 


I have tried this node by entering free text in the white box of the node config, but when I run it in the quickform execution within the client, or on the webportal, the text never appears anywhere?

Maybe I am misunderstanding its use. I just connect the nodes variable in-port from any part of the workflow and it ought to work, but it never appears.



the same for me. When I run the workflow in "QuickForm execution" mode locally the mesage does not appear. Is there a way to pop up a message in local mode?