Hello, I have limitations about about my workflow, my goals is to have the pivot table like excel, I mean when i click on the pivot table, it will bring me the data source. And I would like to colour in three different columns.

Can someone help about or contact me for a quick meetoing on ZOOM?

Here you can see my workflow
dataviz2.knwf.knwf (75.4 KB)

Best regards.

Hi @Mamadou,

for this question I can recommend the free From Excel to KNIME booklet. It on one hand translates the pivoting settings in Excel into KNIME settings in the Pivoting node and on the hand gives more information about the Continental Extension in the last chapter:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: in case you need help with the settings for your specific problem it would be great, if you can provide the structure of the input table (or some example data) and the table (structure) you are aiming for.


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