Line Break problem of a CSV file - Please - Urgent

I have a file where I have several codes within the same line, but all codes use Excel’s [\n\r] function. I can’t make a way to separate them to transform them from 1 line to multiple lines. How can I perform this task?

Is there any way to change the [\n\r] to “,” or for example “;”. So that I could use “cell Splitter” and be able to perform the rest of the function?


@Mattos2020 welcome to the KNIME forum.

Could you upload an example of the data. It can contain artificial data. And maybe also show how the result would look like; because I do not fully understand what you want to do.

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String manipulation can be used to replace certain strings, maybe that helps you get started, but I agree with @mlauber71 . Sample file and desired output are the best way to get help.

Thanks a lot Guys for the quick responses.
Well, attach the file here so you can help me. But basically I would like to transform what is inside a cell into several and I would like to find a way to identify the [\n\r] that excel applies.

[Teste de Automação .xlsx|attachment](upload://dWTTmRU0N2Sb5xVAlJ42hqBF5ii.xlsx) (1.5 MB)

@Mattos2020 the upload is not readable. You would have to try again. Maybe it is because of the blank at the end of the filename which I would advise to avoid.

But my question is in the use of the Cell Splitter tool, would there be any way for it to identify the [\n\r]

@Mattos2020 there are a lot of ways to handle special characters and split data therefor a sample would be great - it would just have to be a few lines. Otherwise you could just try it for yourself (1|2|3).

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