Line values to each 3 column

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I would like to know how I can take the values of a row and be able to pass to every three columns insert a different value of a row making it into a column

I tried some things(partitioning) but not working

Below is a hypothetical example from my current spreadsheet and how I want it to look.

store.xlsx (16.2 KB)


ComplexTableHeader.knwf (123.6 KB)


Hello @amosnascimento,

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Glad you found a way. Definitely unusual data manipulation you got there. Another approach would be to create collection columns from each of 3 columns, then do unpivoting and split collection column.

Here is example workflow you can check:
2020_08_11_Special_Manipulation.knwf (34.0 KB)

This would be a bit tricky if input data changes but maybe it helps :wink:



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