Linear Interpolation only when there follows eventually a non-missing value


I want to solve the following problem:

I have a table looking like this

1 1
2 2
3 3
5 5
6 6
9 9
10 10

Now I want to apply a linear interpolation to the second column but only if a non-missing value follows eventually. Meaning, a linear interpolation from 1 to 10 but not the rows 11 and 12.

If I use the Missing Value Node the values of row 11 and 12 are set to the last non-missing value (=10).

Is there a way to limit the interpolation to the rows 1 to 10?

Hi hafner,

There is currently no straightforward way to do this. I have created an example workflow for you that should achieve what you are trying to do. This is pretty cumbersome, I will open an enhancement request so that this can be handled more elegantly.