Linear Regression Learner does not fit a line through 2 points

Hi Everyone,
If I use a Linear Regression Learner to fit 2 points on a plane with a line, such as:
x y
1 3
2 5
I get the following warning:
“not enough data (2 rows) for this many predictors (2 predictors)” and no model is returned (the coefficients are 0 for both x and the intercept), even though there is only one line that goes thorough those two points (i.e. y=1+2x).
This is just a MWE; the error appears whenever you have as many data points as predictors, but I would expect it to appear only if you have strictly more data points than predictors.
What am I missing here?
Thanks a lot,

I attach the workflow herelinear regression example.knwf (6.9 KB)

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