Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)

Hi All

I recently stumbled across this option in the

and clicking advanced under the folder name

One of the options is “Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)”.

What does this do? I was hoping it may allow me to set up a library of templates for use by multiple workspaces but it actually doesn’t seem to do anything I can see.

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

This is an Eclipse thing.

“Folders and files can be linked to locations in the file system outside of the project’s location. These special folders and files are called linked resources.”

See here for more info:

To answer your question I would say linked resources are associated with a project and project is associated with a workspace so using linked resources in multiple workspaces is not doable. But maybe there is another way how different Eclipse workspaces are able to share same resources if that is what you are looking for.

Additionally if you go again File>new>general>folder and to same project you added your linked folder you will see folder was added successfully. Folders can not be added for Workflow Groups. Are you doing some node development in KNIME?



Thanks for the information Ivan

So this is a Node development thing I guess.

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