Linked Components not updating properly

When I update Linked Components, I don’t get any message on my computer to ask me if I want to reset and update the components.

When I import these same workflows onto the computers of other team members, they get that pop up, but I never do on my computer.

Furthermore, I just tried importing a workflow from another user that had a mountpoint relative link to a component. I can’t even force it to update with the current component configuration by clicking “Update Link”, as it said “No Updates Available”, but the component information seems to be from the other person’s computer, and not mine.

Here’s the configuration of the linked component in the workflow that I imported:

The username on their computer is “zerge”, and the username on my computer is “sand2”.

I double-checked that the link is a mountpoint-relative link. Here’s the popup I get when I try to change the link type.


And this is a view of the User Configuration node on my computer, which shows a User of “sand2”

Any ideas on how to solve these 2 issues? I know I could disconnect the link and reconnect it for each one, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having linked components if they don’t update more automatically.

So, I found this explanation in the KNIME Explorer User Guide of how Linked Components are supposed to update, and this describes what happens for all my team members, but I still can’t figure out why my KNIME build isn’t prompting me to update components. @ScottF or @AlexanderFillbrunn, do you have any ideas? Is there some setting that controls this somewhere?

Workflow loading with Linked Components

Upon loading a workflow containing one or more linked Components, KNIME Analytics Platform will ask if you would like to check for newer versions of your linked Components. Choosing yes will allow you to see which nodes have available updates and give you the opportunity to implement those updates in your current workflow. Choosing No will simply flag all of your nodes as potentially outdated and allow you to proceed with your analysis normally. You will subsequently need to manually update your Shared Components when this becomes convenient.

Hi @stevelp,
The mountpoint relative link means that the component’s “original” is stored on the same mountpoint as the workflow it is contained in. That means if you have it in LOCAL, you need to have the folder /Shared Components in your local workspace and there is a component called “User Configuration” in there. Is that the case?
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Yep, that’s the case. I have the folder “Shared Components” in my local workspace, and there’s a component called “User Configuration” in there. I’ve been creating these workflows and importing them on the computers of my teammates, so I can see how the link updating is supposed to work properly. It works well on all of their computers, just not on mine. Should I try a fresh install of KNIME or something?

What happens if you drag a fresh User Configuration component from the LOCAL mountpoint into your workflow? Does it ask you if it should check for updates then? Which KNIME Version are you using? Let’s figure out what could go wrong before doing a fresh install. Maybe we find something that we need to fix.
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If I drag a fresh user configuration component from the LOCAL mountpoint into my workflow it brings in the updated component with an absolute link (by the way, I think it should default to a relative link, but that’s a point for another discussion). However, I’m never prompted for updates to components. I don’t think I’ve ever been prompted for that on my computer, but I guess there’s a possibility that I said “No”, and ticked the box not to ask me again. At least, that’s how it’s behaving, although I don’t think I ever did that.

I’m using version 4.1.3

Hi @stevelp,
I don’t know if that can be reset in the preference GUI, but you can export your KNIME preferences from the File menu under “Export preferences…” If you have a look at the exported file, there should be a line like this:


If you remove this line and then import the settings again, KNIME should start asking you to update when opening a workflow. You can also set the value to “always”, if you prefer.
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@AlexanderFillbrunn, you are the best! This worked perfectly!

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