Linking An Excel Table (With only Column Headers) with a Table.

I am trying to customize my workflow so that I read in an Input File with over 1000 columns and then read in an Excel File with those columns I want to work with (Column File). I then concatenate the two so that the output table only has those columns I wish to work with (single row with the column names)
==> This is what I came up with as a simple way to feed my columns into the workflow so that I don’t have to chose them every time (by using the Column Filter Node)

Challenge is that when the concatenation is complete, all the column types have changed to ?.

I want to maintain the column types from the Input File so am looking for some guidance on how to maintain this?

  1. One idea I had was that I would specify values in the Excel file as a second row so that upon reading in (via the Excel Reader node) that the column types would be what I wish them to be.

Have you tried using the Reference Row Filter node? It seems to me that it was made for this kind of task.

You’d need to promote the column headers in your Column File to actual KNIME column headers, but after that, the filter node should take care of the rest.


That did exactly what I needed (needed the Reference Column Filter node, not the Row version) but solved my challenge. Appreciate the fast response from a KNIME Nubie.

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