Linking KNIME account

Hi i have 2 KNIME account and I want to linking the 2 account. Is it possible? And how to linking if it possible?

Hi @galihbahtera -

The two accounts exist in our system separately - we don’t have a way to combine them. If there’s one you don’t use anymore, we can delete it.

Hi @ScottF thanks for the information, so if I want to delete the account i can ask to who to help me?
And I want ask again I change the email my account in it’s work but in knime learn when I change it at first success but after that it change back to the first email, are this just for me or another account have same issues?

I’m afraid I don’t understand your second sentence - are you asking if you can change emails associated with an account? Currently the answer to that is also no.

Please drop me an email at with the name of the account you’d like to delete (and the one you’d like to keep just to be safe) and I can get that fixed for you.

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