Linking one column across multiple tables in BIRT

Overview: I have four tables that I created with the workflow. One has images, the other three have different quantitative/descriptive data. I want to create a BIRT report with four tables where each table is linked by a particular column(ZIP code). How can I do this? I did reference Advanced Reports in BIRT but that did not help me get what I wanted. Did I miss out on something in the article? Please let me know if that is the case.

Endgoal: to have a report generated zip code wise where data for a particular ZIP code across different tables is collated together. How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

Was able to do this by grouping the tables via ZIP code and adding all the tables in the same BIRT table.

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Hi @clonedapple and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for posting your solution! BIRT can definitely be a bit tricky sometimes :slight_smile:

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