Links in Webportal to Image files created by workflow

I have a workflow which assembles some data and provides this to web portal user as a file download (csv format). I want also to present a few images of graphs from this data also in the web portal. One option I hoped would work was to generate URLs via a text output quickform node, utilising the temp_dir path in generating the required simple html. Unfortunately this does not seem to work. An example of the generated html written out to through the quick node is as follows:

<span lang=EN-GB style='font-family:"Arial",sans-serif'><a href="file:/E:/KNIME_repository/jobs/job_Orb_Raw_Data_Extraction_for_b016568_d70f11ab-510f-424f-8fa3-cf899a47e40b4470582798287104788/flowContextTmp/knime_tc_nj9v80mnfdiz/C31917_speed.png" target="_blank"><span style='font-weight:normal'>C31917_speed.png</span></a>

The link does appear in the web portal window with the filename 'C31917_speed.png' displayed as URL as would be expected. However, the shortcut does not respond. The shortcut content is.


The referenced file is present on the KNIME Server in the location as generated above. As is the file download target, which has the shortcut

I could perhaps generate the links as file downloads but there will be a variable number of these depending on the content of the retrtieved data and it would be nice also if thumbnails could be used instead of the file names for the image downloads, i.e. click on the thumbnail to see the full image (in a new window would be OK).

Maybe it's not correct to try to do this in this way but any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Steve,

Just to make sure: The images you try to display are produced in KNIME? In that case, you can just use an Image Output node to display them.