List Files (deprecated) NODE

Hello knimers,

I am triying to search a way to list only those xml files in the browsed Location that starts with family and ends with .xml …something like a wildcard pattern isn’t it?

Here an example…


If you select the “wildcard pattern” for the filtering option, then family*.xml would work.

If you want to stick with regex, then something like ^(family).+(.xml) would work.

If you use the updated List Files/Folders node, this task would be much easier.


Okay, wonderful how can I configurate that my Python Script Node is downloading the XML files not locally but relative to my workflow area, that other people can run the workflow as well without adpating the location…

That is the structure of my workflow:

I don’t understand your question.

Why is the Python Script node downloading XML files? Isn’t that what the List Files node and subsequent XML Reader is for?

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My python code is connecting a client (online database), where I get access to data types like “.xml”. Afterwards the .xml files are stored locally. The List Files/Folders node should access and list the xml files which was downloaded before. My question is how can I change the Location where the xml files get stored.

I Like to store the files within my workflow folder, that other people can run the workflow as well without changing the location to their local storage system.

At the moment, the Python Script Node is downloading the xml files on my local system.

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@8bastian8 you could construct an absolute path based on the location of your workflow (and data folder) and pass that to python. You might have to take into consideration different operating systems.


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