List Files/Folders: Missing Variable does not allow to reset


I again face an issue which in this or another variation I reported once (see post link at the bottom). In essence, if location of the List Files/Folders node once was configured via a variable but that variable has gone missing, it is virtually impossible to reset it the normal way.

The variable setting, which should still be active, cannot be disabled as there is no matching variable type. It is only resolvable by manually introducing any variable of the required type to be able to disable the checkbox.

About the path implementation / support. More than two years ago, exactly with Knime 4.3, the path variable has been introduced. Still, there are many nodes, even basic Knime nodes, which do not support it. This causes lots of inconsistencies and a “painfully” variable management. What are the plans about the path variable?

As follows the more than two years old post:


Hello mwiegand,

Thank you for reaching out about the issue you’ve encountered. To address this, I recommend going to the ‘Flow Variable’ tab and attempting to clear the currently selected but unavailable variable. This action should help resolve the problem you’re facing.


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Hi @k10shetty1,

Please check my screenshot, the whole sections to either en-/disable or select a variable to clear it, is disabled, though. Maybe just a visual glitch but nevertheless a bug.