List Files node and relative paths


I have problem to use the List Files node with relative paths. I would like to change the static path:


to the relative path


but then I get the error message "Invalid Path..."

Am I doing something wrong or doent that node allow relative paths?

Two more things:

- it would be nice to have the syntax of all possible relative paths documented somewhere (Forum, Wiki?)

- maybe this questing is stupid, but where does KNIME uses URLs and where Locations, and whats the difference (despite the "file:" and the dealing with spaces)?

Thanks a lot!




You can try to use the Browse button to choose the file, then you can build a variable with the same value. To access the home of the knime installation you can use the node Extract Context and System Properties

knime-URLs are not yet supported in the List Files nodes because URLs in general do not allow for browsing directories. Nevertheless it should work with the next KNIME release in summer.