List Files Node stopped working

Has anyone experienced issues with the List Files Node not working? I established a connection to the shared drive directory, but after the directory was updated with new files the List Files Node doesn’t pick them up. Worse, the Configuration window won’t open either.

I was on version 4.1.1, but recently did the “auto-update” to 4.1.3. Please advise



did this problem show up after the changes to your shared drive or after you updated Knime?

If you add a fresh list files node does this allow you to open the configuration window?


Hi Mark,
This happened after changes to the shared drive (I think the update is unrelated). Fresh List Files Nodes aren’t responsive, either.


Are you using the List Files or the List Remote Files node? Do you see any entries related to this issue in the log?

List Files. What should I look for in the log - any keywords I should search on?

Just clear the log -> save -> execute the node -> check if the log changed. If so please just post it here - except it contains some info you don’t want to share

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