list of datatypes, charts and statistics

I want a proper list of all the datatypes that knime supports, a list of all the types of graphs/charts available in knime & a list of all the statistics that can be performed in knime.
I want it to gather this info. to evaluate knime for using it in my organization.

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I don’t know that we have a list of this specific information that would cover everything you’re looking for, since it’s a pretty broad question.

That said, for visualizations, take a look at the different plotting nodes available in the node repository in the Views --> Javascript category. There are also several Plotly nodes available in KNIME Labs.

Similarly, for statistical analysis, you could check under Analytics --> Mining and Analytics --> Statistics.

Maybe you could list some of the key features and use cases that are important for your organization? Then we can get into what nodes and workflows exist on the Hub to get started with KNIME on those applications.


You might want to keep in mind that KNIME not only offers the genuine nodes within the platform but you could integrated the full spectrum of R and Python packages. Java and Spark can also be used.


I understand that your requested information has high relevance for the evaluation of a new IT tool.
Furthermore I would check how the existing and open business cases which shall be solved by my new tool can be solved?
What is the effort to create a solution?
How much do I have to invest for implementing the tool? This includes required hardware and administration?
How much effort must be given for training?
What ongoing costs must I expect from my new tool?
What will the continuous updates and upgrades cost?
How easily can I extend the new tool for new requirements?
Is there areal chance for me to influence the development of new features and functions?


& what about datatypes

KNIME covers a very wide range of datatypes, but again this is a pretty general question, and not something we have a specific list for.

Are there particular data types that are critical for your organization’s use case? I can check on specific items.


Hello @06mickey,

there is a user who created mind map of KNIME features which might be helpful in your case. You’ll find it if you go on KNIME homepage and scroll down a bit to see Contributor of the Month :wink:



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