List Remote Files returns Empty Table

Hi, I think this should be a simple thing but is escaping me for the moment… I used a http connector to connect to an internal (no authorisation) server and then hoped to use ‘list remote files’ node to generate a list of file URLs in specific folders and subfolders. The connection seems fine but no matter what syntax I try for the directory name the remote files list node returns ‘empty table’ Is there a specific syntax for this or other nodes which need to be in between the connection and the lister ? Are there other nodes which could be used to better troubleshoot this as there is little in the way of guidance int he remote files list node ?

Hi @Steve.Thornton,

What type of files do you have in the folder and subfolders that you specified?
Did you try to specify the file extension (click on the radio button first and then click the file types that you want to retrieve)?
The node allows you to add regular expressions and wildcard patterns as well.
Those options allow you to apply filters related to the files that you have available in the directory that you are looking for.

If you already tested all the above, did you check the log file? Does the log file report any error? FYI Each KNIME workspace has a knime.log file containing the messages, located at workspace/.metadata/knime/knime.log


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