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I would like to ask how do I put live date on specific selected column headers? Lets say on the week of 7th March, the wk 1 column will become wk1 (7th March), on 14th March, wk 1 column becomes wk1 (14th March) instead.

The date will change based on live date data.

Do provide screen shots of the workflow and nodes settings instead because I may not be able to access uploaded knime workflow.

Thank you in advance :smile:

with the create date time range node you can create weekly intervals of dates. Those can be used as column headers with insert column header node.
hope that gets you started

Hi Daniel, is it possible if you provide a screenshot of the node settings? As I am still fairly new to knime.

Thank you in advance

This is my create date time range node, can I know how do I set it as the date to be every monday of the week only?

and how can I convert it to column headers?

The checkbox at the end (use execution time) would always return the current datetime.(That was what I was referring to). So now it depends on when you execute the flow.

Hi @Michellehml , I saw this thread a while ago, I thought that you had enough to go about for a solution, but I see it’s still not resolved.

Something like this could do the trick:

Input data:


This is how to use the workflow:
The configuration is done via the Create Date&Time Range node:

The highlighted settings are the 3 settings to configure:

  1. The “Number of rows” should be set as “Fixed”, and the number to set there should correspond to the number of WK columns that you have. In our example, we have 3 WK columns (WK1, WK2, WK3), so we set this value as 3.
  2. The Start date is the date where you want WK1 to start.
  3. Since your columns are defined as weeks, the Ending Point should be set as “Interval” with value “1w”.

These 3 settings together means: generate 3 dates, with 1 week between each of them, starting at 2022-03-14

So, if you have more columns, you just need to change the first setting to the correct number. If you want the start date to change, you can set it in the 2nd setting. And if you want to do days instead of weeks, you can change the 3rd setting to 1d, etc.

Here’s the workflow: Rename Column Headers with dates.knwf (30.8 KB)

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