Live Deployment - Am I A Dummy?

I apologize ahead of time if I have missed something simple, but for the life of me, I don’t see an easy explanation of how to deploy a model. Loading data (no problem), transforming data( piece of cake), testing models and performance (got it)……. OK now I want to USE IT IN THE REAL WORLD (well duh, I have no clue based on what I have seen, there seems to be a jump or gap in-between that is not being explained)

Heres what I did.

  1.   I have created a linear regression (yes simple) model that predicts next Fridays S&P 500 closing price index based on this week’s data. Cool, fun Backtesting.
  2.   I want to use this in the real world now, not for testing anymore.
  3.   OK, I have this weeks data (its Friday) and want to plug it in for my next Friday prediction (based on the model I created and tested). What the heck do I do?

I don’t need it deployed to the web for others, I just want it here, for me on my local machine so that I can place trades based on it. What do I do? All I saw was a big jump to unknown terms about PMML predictor and dedicated predictor with the distinct impression that somebody accidentally skipped from chapter 3 to chapter 6 and assumed that we knew chapters 4 and 5!

Can somebody please give a “for dummies” version of how to deploy a simple linear regression into real-time production and generate my desired future outputs (or point to a good SIMPLE explanation of one?) Please don’t suggest this one . I’ve been there and found it completely worthless and was more confused after watching it than before.

This is occasionally where free software falls down, I would have gladly paid to pick up the phone and call support. I suppose I should check, maybe KNIME has paid support plans. The answer is probably out there if I look long and hard enough, it’s just that I’m involved in 15 (exaggerating) other projects and I can’t take a whole day or two trying to find the answer to this seemingly simple question. Frustrated…arghhhhh

Thank you so much! (for any help and or letting me vent a bit) :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Welcome to KNIME community!

In general the deployment topic is not the easiest one to understand and implement in a software but I believe KNIME covers this pretty well and offers various possibilities. I don’t think that the blog post you are referencing to is worthless at all. It can be a bit confusing as it explains different ways and methods in short time and covering both KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. From that perspective blog post can be improved for sure and your feedback will be taken into account.

Here is topic where I believe simple deployment it is explained pretty well. At least for me as I’m bit of a dummy regarding deployment :slight_smile:

Hope it will help.

Not sure about paid support plans but feel free to send mail to for more information.

Have a nice day,

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