Load and save internals with DataContainer

Hi! I'm trying to save my internals (it's a BufferedDataTable) using the DataContainer method "writeToZip". The table is saved correctly, but when I try to load it using readFromFile I get a ContainerTable.

I'd like to know if it's possible to transform a ContainerTable into a BufferedDataTable and how to do it, or, if it's not possible, how I could save and load my internals correctly.

Regards and thank you in advance!

Creating BDTs is only possible in the execute method (via the ExecutionContext). If you need to save the table as part of the node, you should copy the important part from the table into a private container (see example in org.knime.base.node.viz.plotter.node.DefaultVisualizationNodeModel). If you need the entire table after load, implement the org.knime.core.node.BufferedDataTableHolder interface but make sure that you don't iterate the table upon load as it is expensive (and delays the load procedure). For an example implementation, see org.knime.base.node.viz.table.TableNodeModel.

Hope it helps,