"load input format" returning empty list of JSON inputs


I am trying to create a call remote workflow with the same process as specified in REST Demo.
I can see the output of "Table to JSON" node as a list of inputs in JSON format(which I have provided).
But when I tried to load input format from "Call remote workflow" I was getting the empty list of JSON input
Do you have any idea regarding this problem?

Note : I am using workflow path as inner workflow where I have created a "JSON Input" node.

Thanks !

Can you share the called workflow? My guess is that something is wrong with the configuration of the input node(s).


Thanks for your reply. I am attaching the Knime workflows and a short description of the same for your reference.




"Load input format" shows a template for the expected input. It contains all input node and their default values. In your case the JSON Input node doesn't have a default value (except for an empty JSON object), therefore you don't see something useful in the Call Remote Workflow node. Usually you define a template for the expected JSON structure in the dialog of the JSON Input node. Also your called workflow is missing a JSON Output node. Without an output node no data will be returned by the call.

Thanks it worked!