“Loading port content...” no output data is displayed!

Hi guys!

I have a problem while I'm trying to inspect the output of Reference Row Filter node. The node seems to be correctly executed, it gave no problems and pointing on the output port it seems it correctly gave a table as output. Anyway when I try to inspect the output table, a windows pop up with the following message:

“Loading port content...”

And it remains in this state forever. Additionally all the nodes following that one have the same problem or they just say “No data available” when I try to inspect their output.

The table I'm working with is not small (about 150K rows and 3 columns) but normally I dealt even with table much larger than this. This behavior is something I never experienced before.

Please, do you have any idea why this happens? How can I sove the problem?



That sounds as if the data is corrupted! What type of data is it? Is it as simple as strings and numbers or does it contain anything fancy (text documents, images, chemistry types)?

Can you also check the knime.log immediately after you opened the view (the first time). Is there any java stack trace? If so, can you paste it here?


Hi Wiswedel,

Thank you for your reply. I would say the data was as simple as strings and numbers but it could also contain one chemistry cell. Unfortunately I don't have access to the log as I has this problem long ago.

I solved the problem by copying the whole workflow into a new one and re-run it. Luckily after that I didn't re-experienced this problem again.

Thanks anyway for your reply,


Hi guys!

I have a problem... Loading port content.. 

I try some test (part of my data.. not whole data) but samething happened

there is no message in the console.. 

i have no idea.. please help me 


ps. i do like this   (groups : column1, manual aggregation : column2-Concatenate)

column1 column2
a B1


a B5
b B1
b B3
c B1


i want to get the result like this

a B1+B3+B5
b B1+B3
c B1


I got this Problem again....

I don't know why it occured ..