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Hello !

As a new member of the KNIME community I was wondering if its possible to execute Multi Container Loading Problem (MCLP) optimization.

Problem could be described as:
Multiple pallets with various dimensions and weights should be loaded to multiple trucks with various capacities -volume and weight.
We would like to maximize both volume and weight utilization of each truck, while we need to minimize the number of trucks utilized.

If I am off topic please guide me where should be posted

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:
Dimitris Lianos

Hello @DimitrisLianos,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

To my knowledge there are no dedicated nodes to deal with Multi Container Loading Problem. However you can check out this workflow to see if there is chance you could modify it to serve your cause:


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Hello @ipazin,

Happy to see such an active community!

Thank you for your response I am trying to figure out how can I fit this node to my problem, I will keep posted!

Dimitris Lianos

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Sounds like a excel solver problem for me?

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Hello @Daniel_Weikert

Correct, this is an excel solver problem, but the 200 variable limitation is a serious barrier.

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I wasn’t aware of the limitations. Thanks for your update.

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