Loading Weka trained models

Hi everybody,
in past years I trained many models using Weka, it would be very useful to use them on KNIME. Is there any way to load Weka’s trained models?
I also tried to save models as PMML from Weka, but the KNIME PMML Reader did not work…

Thank you very much for your help

That is very intersting, since the KNIME PMML Reader should work. Could you please describe in more detail (and maybe enriched with information from the log file) why the PMML Reader doesn’t work?
That would help us a lot to better understand the problem.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Carmelo,

as far as I know, Weka does not support PMML.
With a weka classifier writer node (as in our discussion here http://www.knime.org/node/432 ) I will also implement a weka classifier reader node.

Best regards


does a weka model -> pmml model conversion node exist for knime ? e.g for metanodes, which only have pmml in and outinterfaces...