Local file browser configuration node to excel writer error


I’m trying to use the local file browser configuration node to be able to select a filepath to which the excel writer node should write some results, but I’m getting the following error:

Execute failed: ‘The directory ‘/xxx/yyy/yyyy/Lucio/Results’ does not exist and must not be created due to user settings’

But the directory actually exists. When selecting the flow variable generated by the Local file browser configuration node, the ‘Write to’ field in the Excel writer node switches automatically to ‘Custom\KNIME URL’ and I can’t flag the ‘Create missing folder’ option.

I’m really a beginner with KNIME, I would really appreciate if anyone can suggest a solution or a workaround for this issue


I tried the node and it worked fine for me.
Is it a share drive? I think there are some issues related to that which need to be cofigured upfront. There was a topic in the forum if I remember correctly.


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