Logarithmic scale for plotting

Hi all, how can I plot my data as a line plot with logithmic scale? I do not want to convert the data, I would like to have a logarithmic grid with non-log labeling of the axis.

BR Marc

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Hi Marc,
unfortunately that is not possible with the Line Plot (JavaScript) Node!
you can use the R and Python View nodes if you feel like coding few lines!
thank you for the input! we’ll keep this problem in mind!


Ok, thanks

Hi Paolo,

any news on this? Do you have an example how to generate a line plot with logarithmic axes?


Hi there, not right now. You should be able to set up a math formula followed by the line plot but the axis ticks would still show the logarithmic values instead of the original values.

Adding @DanielBog from the development team. Daniel do you have any update on when KNIME is going to give an option to customize the scale and values of the line plot axis?

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Ok thanks. I managed to implement a python script using matplotlib for log scale. Appreciate your feedback.

Hi @dlukacic you can check this workflow

Hope it helps


Hi there,
there is already a ticket for it (internal reference: AP-16665) and I have given it +1. This feature might be added in a future release, but their are no concrete plans at the moment.