Logical Function in date

Hi All,

This is my first-day using KNIME so I am a beginner.

I am making a workflow which aggregates the sales for a day. The catch if any sales happens after 18:00 it should go in next-day sales.

The sales also have time with for in the following format 2020-05-26T15:44

I was initially thinking by adding a time shift of 6 hours my problems will be solved where time value is > 18:00. I am able to extract the time using time extractor and where the value is greater than 18. I will add 6 hours so that the sales goes in next day but it is giving me a formula error


Perhaps see this


Thanks for your advice.

I got the answer using the two approach.

One was yours

Other was to split days and hours. Add 6 hours were the hours were over 18 and aggregating the columns back



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