Loging in to example server

Dear Knime Server Administrator:

I am getting the following error when I: try to log in to the example server:

User 'guest' cannot be authenticated, probably password is wrong.


Please clarify the above error message and how to rectify the same.

Hi SridharVenu,

yes, there was a problem on the server side during the last night/this morning. It is already fixed and everything is on now. So please try to login again, it should work. And sorry for this unlucky behavior!

Best wishes,



I am running on 3.1.1 and I just got the same issue now, with the same error message : Connecting to server "http://publicserver.knime.org:80/tomee/ejb" failed.
User 'guest' cannot be authenticated, probably the password is wrong

Kindly advise.



Suzy L