Logistic Regression Learner Question

I am doing Logistice Regression. In the Logistic Learner, when I look at Coefficients and Statistics. THere are two possible classes UP and DWN. Under Logit, it shows DWN but I would like the Logit to be UP. Is there a way to change it so I can get the coefficients and stats for Logit = UP?


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There is a way. What class is taken depends on the lexical ordering of DWN and UP, change it and your will get the desired result. You can do this by adding a 'String Replacer' node and a 'Domain Calculator' node in between your data source and the 'Logistic Regression (Learner)'. Configure the 'String Replacer' with

Target column: <your target>
Wildcard pattern: DWN
Replacement text: _DWN
-> keep defaults for the rest

Configure the 'Domain Calculator' so that your target is in the include list.

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the result is same as before :(

Hi Scott,

there is a way. You can change the reference category in the configuration window to DWN.

For more information about the logistic regression learner node I recommend the following youtube video: