Looking for help with the Ranking node

Hello all
I am using a dataset which has different rows containing carpark data of 30 different carparks.
I have to find the correlation between any two carparks with strong or negative correlation. I am unable to do that with the rank correlation node. Can someone help me with it?
So eg of my data set
Systemcode Occupancy rate
A. 0.9
A. 0.7
And I have to find the correlation between AB or AC or AD and and so on and not the columns like occupancy rate and system code.

Hi @ananya,

welcome to the KNIME forum! For the correlation, you need to bring the data into a shape, where each car park is one column and the rows are the timepoints.
You could use the Pivoting node for this, take a look at the following video for an explanation of this powerful node:


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