Looking for O-PLS model


I’m trying to find out whether KNIME can help me build an OPLS model

(orthogonal projections to latent structures) introduced by Trygg et al http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.1002/cem.695

I was unable to find anything even remotely similar in KNIME or the forums,
did I miss something, or is my requirement far from the normal
use cases for KNIME ?


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I´m also interested in building up an OPLS model in KNIME. Is there any new information for this topic?


Hi there @JWave,

welcome to KNIME Community!

To my knowledge there is no dedicated node in KNIME for it. Workaround would be to use R which is integrated with KNIME.

Additionally there is ticket for it (Internal reference: AP-11751) and will give +1 for you on it.


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Hi Everyone, Yes I have implemented OPLS in an R-script node using the R-package opls. Also PCA and PLS using pcaMethods (bioconductor) and PLS and PLS DA using pls package and the R-learner and R-predictor nodes. I will see if I can get permission from my employers to donate the code to the community. The syntax of the pls node is a bit tricky.

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