Looking for onsite course

My company is looking for someone to come in and give a 2 day seminar on how to apply data mining to process data (mostly numbers). The person/teacher should be on the east coast of the US. Does and one have any suggests?



Hi Sheldon, the commercial arm of KNIME - KNIME.com - offers user and developer trainings for KNIME. More details will be available on the KNIME.com website, which will be online very soon. In the meantime I will write you an email with more detailed information about our training offers. Best regards, Fabian

Hi Sheldon, take a look at my site, http://predalytics.com/. I would be happy conduct the seminar based on my real life data processing examples. Currently I am a new user of KNIME, but have taught undergrad & grad courses on Data Mining. I have used the Witten & Frank text and am very familiar with the algorithms they use in WEKA. …

Let’s talk; my contact info can be found on my site, http://predalytics.com/.

Yes Sheldon, KnimeGuy from 3/20/09 posting, and I would like to suggest two books you may find of intrest. They are:

1. Competing on Analytics, Davenport & Harris, ISBN-13: 978-I-422I-0332-6
2. Smart (Enough) Systems, Taylor & Raden, ISBN 0-13-234796-2

Both give good insight into using predictive analytics (Knime type modeling) to “better optimze” business processes and a necessary DP/systems architecture for it’s implementation and automation.

Feel free to drop me an email for further discussions.

KnimeGuy - ContactUs@PredAlytics