looking up values within ranges


I have one big file with 50M voucher serial number, and another file with 2M ranges of voucher serial.

need to update the first file (serials)with all the data from the second file.

knowing that each serial may exist in more than one range, so we need to return only the line with max date (most recent)

thank you
islam Badr

Welcome to KNIME forum. Taking in account size of the files it is preferably could be done in database. If you can access same information on DB? Also, to better understand your task please provide a small portion (possibly bogus) example of your data and files format.

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thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I wonder if Knime can handle this amount of data, but I ll be lucky if it does,

data is in simple CSV format
first file is like:

serial ; creation date

and the second is like

serial from; serial to; location; transaction Id;date

task is : to find the the last location and transaction id of each serial , based on max transaction Id or max date from the secoed file.



I think it’s possible, see this workflow Join by values by range.knwf (85.4 KB)
For some inspiration. But for this amount of records it will be a challenge. :grinning: But maybe with some patience.

gr. Hans