Lookup a substring from table for matches in another table and update the second table

I have a table that contains the fields Tag, and Category and the data looks like this…
TAG Category
abc early birds
xyz late raisers

The second table has a description field and a blank Category field and looks like this…

I need to search the Description column in table 2 for the substring of the TAG column in table 1.
If it finds the substring, replace the Category field in table 2 with the Category field in table 1.

Thanks for any assistance :slight_smile:

hi @John_N and welcome to KNIME.

you may use a rule engine dictionary where the first table acts like a dictionary. Therefore rules should be defined including the “TAG”-column - that’s the first step. In your case with substring checks, the LIKE operator should be the choice.

Please find the following workflow on KNIME hub, which should solve your problem…

Hope this helps, Tommy


Thanks for the help :grinning:

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