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Hello all,

I am trying to match names to objects in a table I have. Sometimes they will not have all the necessary information. So for example, Look Up from this given table:

Matching against a small DB of objects I have like the example below:

My output is the following:

Here’s the lookup Main part:

My questions are the following:
1 - Why can’t Row1/Column1_Arr[1] return the Connection from the Object List? It surely matched it on Row0. And even if it did not. I would like to see what is that Connection/IP Addr matching to “if it is found to have another association” on the Object List, otherwise then it is ok for me to get a missing, np.

2 - Same thing on Column3. I would like it to query if an association exists between both tables. In this case, Column3_Arr[1] should return on Row1 right after Name. Remembering that the Connections Table is the Master. The Input and the ‘Object list’ is simply a variables table.

3 - Order /Why is Row0 returning for connection the Last Duplicate entry and not the first one?

Lastly. Would transposing the Master Table make things easier to operate?

Thank you!

LookUp_Example.knwf (42.5 KB)

hello ,

I am getting things right , your workflow is only reflecting your first question.

With that being said , for your first question, is a matter of configuration, replace for GOOGLE1
, i think the result will make it clear to you.

‘’’ editing … Sorry I din t payed attention to loop… what I have said is applicable for your the questions too, replace for CloudFlare and pay attention in the last interaction of the loop

Thanks @Adrix. I actually created those from scratch and purposefully made the error to try to understand how can I get the Name to be ‘looked up’ as well. Because at this point, the lookup is only happening on the first column. The Cell Replacer only allows one look up at a time. If that is it, that is fine. I will remove the second row and have the loop work on a ‘per row’ basis, meaning, one lookup for Row0 (Connection) then out of the loop, then another lookup for row1 (Name) and so on… Does that make sense now? Thanks.

I had to checked one by one , So I have deleted the previous one. I was saying that things still make sense to me , replace the configuration as bellow

Cloud flare won’t be replaced due to be in different case

Replacing CLOUDFLARE by CloudFlare and keepin the configuration proposed above it makes cristal clear in the output

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