Loop a workflow with variable column input


I have created a workflow connected to SAP to download information using finished product codes to obtain raw material codes. In this workflow I have found intermediate materials so I want to run again this workflow, changing my input for this new column with intermediate codes.

How can I configure a variable column for this loop?

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t completely understand what you are trying to achieve. Maybe the recursive loop helps?

Otherwise please share the workflow you have and maybe some example data.
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Table row to variable is a good start, used here to turn a list of files into a variable that can now be used to open these files over and over and over, chunk loop start to chunk loop end wrapped around offer a “loop per row”…

Then learning how to connect it to the next tool of choice, using those funny red dots & lines. Which turn out to be straight forward after you get it under your belt.

I started in SAP BOBJ in 2011-2012 time, good luck with that :slight_smile:.

AND Welcome to the forum! This is the best community I’ve ever found in the analytics niche, cheers.


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