Loop bug?

Good afternoon


I think theres a bug with the executuion states of nodes in a loop in KNIMe 2.9.0.

I created an executed a loop, once the loop had been run I connected the loop end node output to a joiner which also took the output table of the node preceeding the chunk loop start node,

When I ran the joiner node the chunk loop node status set to queued and the nodes in my meta node between the start and end loop nodes have the red traffic light. 

Screenshot of the loop is attached. 

I can't share the workflow itself, but if you need me to I can try replicate the bug using some dummy data. 

To make the workflow usable again  I had to close and reopen. The nodes couldn't be reset.




P.S. On the topic of loops would it be possivle to display a progress bar on the loop end node? It could be based on the progress through the iterations, I currently use the node monitor to see the progress of a loop but it would be nice to have it in the loop end status.

What a good idea about a progress status on the loop end node. I'd really like that, I am forever getting up a table view from a node in the loop and looking at its current iteration number. A progress bar would be much more convenient.


I tried to reporoduce this from your screenshot, but without luck.  The contents of your meta node may be relevant.  Could you send a screenshot of that as well?  Alternatively, and example workflow could also speed up the process of identifying this issue. 

Regards, Aaron

ps. The loop progress indicator would be very nice.  I have bumped an existing feature request for this.  


Hi Aaron

Thank you for looking into it. I can't seem to reproduce it, if I spot it again I will note down what I did and see if I can do it again with an example workflow.