Loop End (Column Append) Feature Request


Is it possible to have an additional option in the Loop End (Column Append) node. I keep meaning to ask and forget, as it crops up lots of times for me in workflows, and just now in answering a post. The option I would like is "Automatically Filter Out Columns with Duplicate Names".

This is really handy when you are carrying out a series of loops in which some columns are present in each loop. Currently this results in lots of duplicated columns after the loop end. Initially you would think to just use the Column Filter node prior to the Loop End, but this is no good, as then you dont get those Columns at all after the loop end.

Hope its possible.



Seconded, this way there'd be no more need to fork out certain columns prior to "column list loop start" (just to join them back in afterwards)!

Also, please revisit this node's performance - subjectively, it always seems like "column appends" take substantially longer than "row appends" of comparable magnitude. Please advise if this is normal / unavaoidable / expected bahaviour.