Loop End Column Append Node Suggestion

Often when using the “Column List Loop Start” and “Loop End (Column Append)” nodes, I’ll select a subset of columns to loop over. The excluded columns are available in each iteration but must typically be filtered out before the “Loop End (Column Append)” node to avoid them appearing multiple times in the output.

Furthermore, if we want to include the excluded columns downstream of the loop, we must use something like the “Reference Column Filter” and “Column Appender” nodes to add the excluded columns back to the table.

My suggestion is to include an option in the “Loop End (Column Append)” node that would allow the node to automatically filter the excluded columns from the result, or even better, include them in the result only once.

Before suggestion:

After suggestion:


Hi @dnaki and thank you for sharing your idea with us.

There is a ticket for the feature you have requested (AP-5547).